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Precision Workstation T5400

I've Dell Precision Workstation T5400, 8 CPUs , Intel Xeon E5410  2.37 GHz . I've installed ESXi V 5.5 and install many virtual machines but it is very slow when i tried access anyone of them .

So i appreciate if anyone can help me in this issue urgently 



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RE: Precision Workstation T5400

Hello. ..., hope you won't mind if i ask your opinio on a issue I'm having with a t5400.

I have a rw203 dell motherboard where i installed a couple xeon e5472. ...

The cpus don't  seat all the way down,  i was thinking that these cpus are not ment for this rw203 mobo, but i see you have installed e5410 in the same mobo. So, my question is, does this cpus don't seat all the way down in the socket?

I'm having the 2 3 4 leds blinking green a d the power button is solid amber. The manual say that the bios didn't execute, check for processors seating, implying that are not making contact. I have reseat the cpus 3 times already with the same result.

What could i do or look into? Any help or suggestions will be really appreciated. 

Thanks for your time 

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