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Strange behavior in ESXi for an network card with Npar.

Hi All

I cannot explain the following issue: Ping transmission fails for the configuration when vmnics from the same partition are added to the same vSwitch.

Hardware used:

- Network adapter: four-port Intel X710 with Dell firmware
- ESXi: 6.7 GA
- Npar partitions: four partitions, two vmnics per each partition (one vmnic master and one vmnic slave)
- Two servers Dell R730 connected by an external physical switch. NPAR enabled only for one server (SUT).

System Under Test (SUT):

Both physical adapters are active. Vmnic16 - master and vmnic20 - slave, both of the same partition.

Basically,  I pinged these three vmkernel adapters from other server. Ping to the first one (vmk3) failed.  Is it a feature or a bug?


Below, I have attached ESXi console screenshot to make my setup more understandable: 

1. Partition pairs. We can see two partition pairs which are up: the green and yellow one 


2. ESXTOP view of the testing setup:


3. Ping test results:



If I change the setup and replace a slave vmnic (vmnic20 - green partition) to a slave vmnic from the second partition (vmnic21 - yellow partition) then all ping tests are passed. 


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Is the system still exhibiting this behavior? If so, is it the same ESXi version, or have you updated? Are we working with the Dell customized image, or VMware's generic image? If generic, did you install any additional drivers for the card? 

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