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Virtualise OpenManage

Hi Guys,

I currently have an old HP server setup as the central OpenManage machine... I have around 150 servers which are configured to send traps/alerts etc to this machines IP address. I have been asked to investigate if it is possible to visualise this server, I have a SQL2000 cluster available if it is appropriate to move the OM database away from the local hardware.


1. Is it possible/advisable to visualise our central OpenManage server?

2. Is there any Dell specific documentation available showing the requirements/details for a successful move?

3. Would it be advisable to move the existing local database to our SQL cluster first, and then carry out a migration to our ESX environment using the VMWare conversion tools? or should a new server be built and a new installation of OpenManage be carried out?

4. Is it possible to backup the current OM configuration (including the email alerting, IP search ranges etc) and then apply that backed up configuration to a new installation on OM?

5. Will this work  I create a new VM server, Install OM with the DB being located on the SQL cluster, setup all the IP address ranges/email alerting etc etc… then when I am ready to exchange the old live with the new build… shutdown old live, change the server name and IP address of the new build to match the old live and bring it up….

Any details such as links to the appropriate documentation would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: Virtualise OpenManage

It is possible to run IT Assistant (ITA) the central console for OpenManage in a VM. There aren't haredware specific requirements for ITA so there isn't any issue with running it in a VM.

There is no documentation that I am aware of that would step you through migrating all the ITA setup from one server to another. However, if you do a Physical to Virtual conversion - using the VMware Converter Tool - you won't have to do any migration beyond this. When you use the VMWare Converter to do a P to V, everything comes over into the VM. Meaning that the database, IP, all settings, any installed applications will all still be the same.

By doing the P to V migration you will be able to avoid having to do any manual migration of settings of ITA. Becuase the new Virtual version of your ITA server will have the same IP, Hostname, SID, of the Physical version, you should not have them both powered on and conencted to the network at the same time to avoid conflicts.

We have a demo of the Converter in action on the Virtualization Demos page - http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/Virtualization+Demos

Converter is a free tool available from VMware - http://www.vmware.com/products/converter/

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