Vsphere 6.5 HA clusters

I have a vsphere 6.5 environment which consists of 5 ESXI hosts grouped in a cluster and managed by Vcenter server,  now i want to configure the vsphere HA with customised settings , in other words , i want to choose when a VM crash , where it will restart  (i need to decide on which ESXI host the VM will restart and not automatically decided by the Vcenter server)

Also when a host fails and its VMs restarted on another hosts , i want these VMs automatically return back to the failed host when it becomes online again   

Can anyone kindly help me with that ?

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Re: Vsphere 6.5 HA clusters

Which license tier do you have?

With 5 hosts I know that it won't be Essentials/Essentials Plus, but do you have Standard, Enterprise (retired by VMware, but if you bought it before it was retired it is still good/supported) or Enterprise Plus?

Some of these features may require DRS, which means you need Enterprise or Enterprise Plus.

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