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X64 bit CPU with X86-32bit Win 2003 server – Support and virtualisation support in LAPTOP

I need the below setup in a LAPTOP for a test-lab purpose.

The DELL LAPTOP with Intel i7 or ,i5,or i3 x64 bit CPU, will all these Laptop installable/ support x86-32 bit WINDOWS-server 2003 Std Edn. Over above the 32 bit OS shall SCCM 2007 x86-32bit and SQL 32bit Std edn, application if installed will the setup work properly ?

 2nd query: Is the hardware and CPU, support virtualisation? If so, What are hypervisors supported?  i.e. this is to convert the laptop as virtualisation box at latter time.

I request your experience and ideas to share ASAP.

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