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new virtualization servers

I am attempting to consolidate my 6 or 7 application servers into a virtual platform with MS hyper-V. I could also be adding a few other web servers. What would you experts have a a solution to start with that is somewhat cost efficient? Thnaks for your help.
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Check out the business ready configs for Hyper-V:

Here is a solutions guide around BRC and HyperV:
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Benefits of Server Virtualization
Virtualization can greatly benefit an organization. In addition to streamlining network needs, server virtualization benefits include:

-Saving Space: If you’re running one task or application per server, they will soon take over your data center. By hosting multiple virtual servers on fewer physical servers, you can potentially save a lot of physical space.
-Lowering Hardware Costs: Building physical servers can be costly. Virtual servers are much less expensive to deploy.
-Improving Resource Efficiency: Many servers are more powerful than needed for the demands they are tasked with, meaning organizations technically pay for unused resources. Virtualization helps ensure that all resources are being efficiently used.
-Lowering Energy Costs: Since virtualization allows you to efficiently use server resources rather than build unnecessary infrastructure, you have fewer servers using energy.
-Decreasing Demand on IT: Maintaining a large network of physical servers can be taxing on an organization’s IT department. Virtualization can help free up IT worker resources to concentrate on other needs of the business.
-Speeding Up Setup: Days or weeks can go by between purchasing hardware for physical servers and implementation. Setting up virtual servers can take minutes.
-Simplifying Recovery: Backup systems on virtual machines (VMs) are quick and efficient. This means you can get up and running after a system failure fast with little to no data loss.


This may help you,

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