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vCenter Plugin 1-host increments not available anymore?

VMWare Essentials is a 3-Host license. Our Dell rep. told us, that the 1-host increment license is not available anymore. So this means, we must buy 4 DELL licenses we do not need for our 2 vCenter Essentials with 6 Servers in total? Has DELL forgotten the SMB customers?
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Re: vCenter Plugin 1-host increments not available anymore?

This is not a Dell limitation.

vSphere Essentials (and Essentials Plus) has always been a maximum of 3 hosts (with a maximum of 2 CPUs each).

If you want to upgrade from 3 to 4 hosts, VMware makes you upgrade from Essentials to a minimum of "Standard" licensing, but this would mean you have to upgrade vCenter to Standard, the 3 existing hosts to a minimum of Standard, and the new server(s) would also need a minimum of a Standard license to start with.

So upgrading from 3 hosts to 4 hosts is a pretty big step (cost-wise).

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