CPU Percent Ready Calculation

Can you help me understand how % Ready is calculated within Foglight?  I am doing the calculation manually, and looking at the server in vCenter, and my numbers are way different than what Foglight is coming up with for % Ready.

I ran the report so the CPU Ready summation (average) for 1hour is 3612ms, and divide that by 20,000, and I see that %RDY is at 18%.  If I look at esxtop, %RDY comes up about the same, 18% ready.  However, in Foglight it is telling me it’s at 2.3% RDY for the same 1 hour time period. 

Any ideas ?

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RE: CPU Percent Ready Calculation

Hi Nicholas,

Foglight takes the average of individual cpus %Ready. The change was made to simplify the comparison of VMs with different number of CPUs. 

The value equivalent to what you see in vSphere can be found under summedPercentReady. This can be used for custom reports or dashboards. I made a quick custom dashboard and the path to get to this metric is 


I hope this helps,



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