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OMIVV using FX2 (14G) FC640 displays inventory failed

I have x12 FC640 Hosts across x4 FX2 Chassis. The iDRAC VLAN is different from the hypervisor VLAN therefore the OMIVV and vCentre server are on a different subnet than the iDRACs however we can see an HTTPS connection from the OMIVV to each iDRAC when manually attempting an inventory job.

All 12 inventory jobs fails with the error message "inventory failed for host <hostname>. Unable to connect to iDRAC IP". But this is not true as we can see the connections being made on port 443.

We have enabled all LLC options. LLC is taking inventory on boot.

We can ping back an fourth between iDRAC's and OMIVV with name resolution and NTP tested and confirmed as working.

We are getting some details from the iDRAC into VMware and details in CMC from vcentre.

The OMIVV is making a connection to each IDRAC as we can see this on the FW using port 443 but the inventory still fails.

When I navigate to OpenManage Intergration -> Profiles -> connectionProfiles in vCentre and test the connection Profiles all PASS (both iDRAC and Host creds)

Has anyone had this issue or similar?


vCentre Version Build 8815520

BIOS Version per sled1.4.8
Lifecycle Controller Firmware3.21.21.21
OMIVV VersionDellEMC_OpenManage_Integration_4.2.0.2258_A00
OSMA VIBOM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-9.1.0-2757.VIB-ESX65i_A00



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