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Question: BMC Remedy ActionPack

Hi guys,

I have the customer who is interested in BMC Remedy ActionPack of vFoglight. Iwould like to get the answer about following questions from them.

But now I have the only information from the “Cartridge for BMC Remedy ActionPackUser and Reference Guide”.

Please let me know if you have the answer or advice.And please let me share the case study of BMC Remedy ActionPack.


#1 When is this action packing often used?

#2 Which action is often used?

#3 Is customer's requirement filled only with the pre-defined script? If we can’tfill the demand of customer with pre-defined scripts, how do we meet thedemands, Import own scripts ?

#4 I also would like to know the real case study about BMC Remedy ActionPack.

Best Regards,


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