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Server PowerEdge R720 on ESx1

Hi friends,

Three days a go, we got our server PowerEdge R720







down out of service given this message


when we check it we find out that two hard drive are Offline



I think we are using RAID 6 for this server,

when we check the disk out side, both of the two are not responding ( Not Working).

Is it normal that I get two (2) over nine (9) can stop the server ?

What is the solutions  to this critical problem, and how I solve definitly this problem ?

what are the tools used from Dell to check or survy the status of the disks installed in the futur ?

I have others server with other programs, can I use one from an other Server to make this one working or I need to get a new one because actually I dont have a new one avalible with me.  

Thanks a lot, waiting to her from you soon, best regards.


Kioudj Elyazid 






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Dell Technologies

Hello @kioudj 

It seems like you are using RAID 6, I can also see a lot of disks with foreign status for that you need to import foreign configuration

To check more about the drives you can use iDRAC but if its not setup then you need to replace drives, one by one.

This does not seem normal but well it happens I will leave you some ways to contact support or open a case


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