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I am looking at automating some of the VOPS reports by running some SQL against the VKernel database. Our layout is:

1)   1) Vops Version: 6.0, Build 120918.1924

2)   2) Back End DB: MS SQL Server 2008 SP3.

The report I want to get is generated by:

1) Go to Reporting/Charge Back, then Inventory/List View.

2) In Custom View, Select only Main\Power State, VM Name, Cluster, IS Template ALSO Memory\Memory Allocation (MB) ALSO Datastore\Storages Actual Usage (GB).

I can easily get Power State, VM Name, IS Template and Memory Allocation (MB) by doing a listing from the table vk_inventory_vm in SQL. But I am having trouble resolving the cluster name.

We currently have four clusters. There are three of them in one “connection id” and the last cluster in a separate “connection id”.

What I would like to do is to do the reporting on the individual cluster but I can’t seem to find the relationship between the individual VM and the cluster in the database.

I would appreciate any pointers in the right direction!



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Hi Sameer,

Currently, we do not support any direct reporting from the vOPS database.  The reason I've been given from our product managers is that the changing schema of the DB backend would make such support impractical at this time.  Sorry that I can't be of more help in this situation!