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Windows server 2022 VM activation

Hello all,


recently purchased a dell server with Windows Server 2022 Standard that came pre-installed.
Configured Hyper-v and installed a virtual machine with Windows Server 2022 Standard also. 
The problem is that we should be able to activate 2 VMs based on the license we have but it doesn't seem to work. We tried with the Microsoft Automatic Virtual Machine Activation which does not work.
Dell support told me that this is different and we need to use the same key that is present on the physical server, but that also doesn't work. Now, for the moment i don't have physical access to the server but i used a software to get the key, i hope it shows me the same thing.

Anyone familiar with this VM activation process based on the hosts license ? 

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Hi @itsibitsi 

This is the only process I ve hear about that is similar

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