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vCPU sizing Dynamics

Hi all,

I've a Vxrail/Vsan stretched cluster with 3+3 hosts, single socket with a 10 cores Xeon(R) Gold 6242R CPU @ 3.10GHz.

Total phisical cores are 120 with 55Vm's and 140 vCPU assigned.

I've collected esxtop statistics and the CPU load average per hosts is 0.15-0.20, actually the infrastructure seems to be unloaded, great performance at any time.

During this year and half of the next (we hope!) we'll migrate to Dynamics on premises.

Our partner send me a prospect of requirements: 28 new VM's with 120vCPU , 536GB of RAM and 3.5TB of storage

RAM and storage aren't a problem, the question is CPU are enough?


Thanks in advance

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