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Bagel Virus...Long Story

Friend has a Dell, ran a free virus scan and found computer was infected with Bagel virus all over the place, found out Norton was expired and not functioning.  So purchased and downloaded McAfee Virus Scan and Firewall Plus package.  Ran virus scan to dump all the virus's.  Had some problems getting the McAfee loaded but now is enabled and functioning.  However, when she tries to access the internet, it bombs out on her, computer basically locks up.  She ran another scan today and had more Bagel virus on computer.
She didn't have any problems accessing the internet or email until after installing McAfee.  Has anyone run into this?  She has Earthlink High Speed Internet through Cable Company.  Did McAfee dump some modem files?  Or something else?  Any one have any ideas?
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Re: Bagel Virus...Long Story


Do me a favor, and either have her sign up as a member and post up a HiJackThis log, or post one up from her system yourself.

Let's see what's we're up against first.

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