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Can Malware, etc. Interfere With USB Ports Working Properly?

I have a Dell Inspiron 530S running Windows XP, SP 2.  After getting infected with several pieces of malware, I had to re-install Windows XP; also installed needed drivers via the Dell Resource CD.  After doing this, my malware appears to be gone, but my USB ports no longer work properly.  They work fine with the mouse and keyborad, but not with my MP3 player, printer, etc.  I got several suggestions in another forum and none made the situation any better.  I am beginning to think that this may be malware-related.  I have current versions of Avira AntiVir and MalWare Bytes and have run both of them so if there still is malware, etc. that exists on my computer, it  wasn't detected by either program.

Is there any malware, etc. that can interfere with proper functioning of the USB ports?  Thanks.

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Re: Can Malware, etc. Interfere With USB Ports Working Properly?

Hi David,

Did you also reinstall the software/updated drivers for your MP3 player, printer, etc. from the manufacturers' websites? They would not have been on your Dell CD.

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