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Cannot boot in safe mode, normal mode and cannot boot off a reinstallaion CD of XP on Dimension 8200

I'm at a loss to be able to even provide you with results from Hijack This, etc.  Cannot get back into my system.  Problem started yesterday when "Google Search" got hijacked.  I had this happen before and managed to get rid of the problem.  I ran Hijack This, got a complete scan but cannot retrieve it.  I ran Regcure and it processed down to the 'empty registry keys' portion and then disappeared....really disappeared - the REGCURE.EXE was removed from the folder and the desktop icon disappeared.  I reloaded a backup copy and when I tried to execute  got the message that it couldn't find the path or I didn't have the admin rights to run it (I am the Administrator for the PC).  I the tried to rerun Highjack This and the same scenario played out - stopped running, module disappeared, etc.  I also have Malwarebytes Ani-Malware and tried running it.  Same thing.  Got a message "Error Code 703 (0,453)" and then the system shut down.  Looked at Task Mgr to see what processes were actually running and consuming much of the CPU time.  Saw 2 processes I never noticed before: b.exe and hjmdf7j6o.exe.  I terminated them via Task Mgr but I don't know how long they had been running.

I am using CA's e-Trust anti-virus and had just updated the signatures yesterday morning.  When all of this started happening I got a messsage that e-Trust couldn't continue and was terminating.

So I tried to come up in Safe Mode and got as far as getting a black screen with SAFE MODE in all 4 corners and the XP SP3 build info.  And that's it.  It just sits there with the cursor arrow doing nothing.

So then I figured I would bite the bullet and reinstall the operating system.  I placed the XP reinstallation CD into the CD Drive and changed the boot to that drive.  The system got to the CD Drive and then I just got the black screen and the CD stopped processing.

Any clues here?  Any way around the re-boot problem?  I did have a MS-DOS diskette that I tried booting from and got to the point of getting a directory listing of the diskette and loadiung a generic driver for the CD drives.  However I can't go beyond that.  The SETUP program for the XP reinstall "is not a program that can be run under DOS".  I am at my wit's end here.

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