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Dell unsolicited phone call

First, if this is an old subject I couldn't find a specific article.

I am getting calls from DELL telling me that they are getting reports form my computer. Does DELL get reports from my computer?  They want me to update drivers  "security drivers" I Does DELL have security drivers?  I don't want to seem gullible, but why would DELL call me and ask me to connect "teamviewer"?
Finally, If this is a scam let this act as notice by me of the nature of it.  I did fill out the Scan Form


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RE: Dell unsolicited phone call

Hi justgene,

Yes, this is a scam. There have been several blogs and articles in the news lately about this. HERE is one of the most recent ones.  I'm glad that you saw the announcement at the top of this forum and filled out the form.

Yesterday as I was upgrading a computer to Windows10 I received a (timely) call from someone claiming to be "Windows 10 Support".  It was a good thing I knew it was a scam because my computer was indeed connecting to Microsoft at that time in order to upgrade. If I had been more naive I might have fallen for it.

Dell, Microsoft, HP, Lenovo etc. do not make unsolicited calls to customers.

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