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Disabled person needs help saving a much needed system

Family had to purchase this refurbished latitude e5510 after what was believed to be a hardware problem took out a Acer Aspire ES 1 512  On 12/25/16 one yr from registered date.  Both the latitude and Aspire run Windows10    aspire screen went black while she was typing email no downloads or known updates beforehand nothing strange occurrence to warn of any danger. Microsoft couldn't access it decided hardware was the problem but did not believe virus the cause . The family had little resources If funds put everything they had into buying this much needed system for the disabled family member who uses it to contact medical services and home assistance support services along with daily social networking . When she went to start up the latitude e5510  the next night ( less than 27hrs after buying it ) she had powered it Down but when she pressed power button it powered the Dell logo the keyboard lut up but screen went black se currently has battery out and power cord remove .family needs help to solve this problem but have no money

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