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How to Make Windows 10 Pause Updates

And why you should. From bleepingcomputer (October 13, 2019):

"Windows 10's monthly cumulative and security updates have caused problems, too. For example, a patch shipped in late September that disabled Printing spooler service and an update shipped in the first week of October 2019 broke the Start menu.This has led some Windows users to want to delay, or pause, the installation of new updates until they have been determined to be bug free."

Full read:


- I have been delaying all Windows updates for Win 10x64 Pro for a few years without adverse effects. But with every yearly new Win 10 version they change the rules. These are the latest instructions.

- Note that Win 10 Home users can only delay for up to 7 days, but that is probably worthwhile. Win 10 Pro can delay for up to 35 days. I choose to delay for 27 days (as February has 28 days, and I don't want to risk installing monthly updates out of order).


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