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Inspiron 9200 LCD Problems

I have had my I9200 for almost two years and have not had a problem with it until this past August. The LCD screen has vertical lines appering on it and adding more as time goes on. I have already replaced the LCD screen once and and the second screen has the same problem. Does anyone know if there is a power problem with the motherboard? 
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Re: Inspiron 9200 LCD Problems

You may want to repost your request here
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Re: Inspiron 9200 LCD Problems

Hey guys!
Bought my Inspiron 9200 on Jan 2005.
Started seeing lines on the lcd screen on Jul 2006 until I could not use the screen.
Bought a new one and replaced it on Aug 2006, called for warranty because this one failed after 40 days and replaced in LCD 90 day warranty for a WXGA which basically lasted from Sep 2006 to Nov 2007 and am experiencing the problem again. 
I am not willing to spend any more $$ on any more LCD's...
I bought an I8600 as well at the same time that has not had any problems at all!  Seems to me like a mother board problem on I9200 but when  I called Dell, no tech support was offered, just the option to buy a new LCD.
Any knowledge to share?
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