Intercepted a virus posing as Windows Update icon, knocked out AU services. HELP!!!

Earlier today, upon logging on to my PC for the first time in the day, the familiar Windows/Microsoft Update "yellow exclamation point" icon popped up on my taskbar, usually signifying that an update was ready.........except that I just logged on and my cable modem had just activated. Feeling suspicious, I went ahead and got on "Microsoft Update" via the Start Menu, where I found the same update that was listed on that icon.........some Microsoft Office XML update/fix, I don't remember. Anyways, I downloaded it from the website, and I guess that the icon process intercepted it and downloaded it itself (again, not sure). After the download had finished, a window from AVG Anti-Virus (my anti-virus program) popped up saying that it had intercepted and healed a virus (Win32/Heur I believe), which was located somewhere around the realms of Internet Explorer 7's folders. Thinking that it was intercepted and deleted (seeing as it didn't appear on the "Virus Vault"), I thought I was all right, when I noticed some weird new processes in Task Manager and msconfig Start-Up Services, which I instantly disabled/canceled.


Now, as I try to get on to Windows/Microsoft Update,, I'm not able to because according to the website, "Automatic Updates" has been disabled on my PC. I went and checked AU and saw that it was totally disabled, and that I wasn't able to enable it in any way, much less put it on "Automatic". I tried to enable it through "Services", and got an "Error Message 1058", saying that there are no "enabled devices supporting it". I have already run two AVG virus-scans, attempted to run an on-line one via PCPitstop (but the applet to do so wouldn't install or load!), cleared all of my cookies, TIF's, run a Spybot scan.....everything but I have yet to alleviate the problem.


I'm very, VERY concerned about this because just two weeks ago, my PC was struck down with a nasty virus that made it completelty unusable. This virus made "winlogon.exe" hog 100% of my CPU's resources like clockwork, leaving me unable to do anything else without minutes and hours of loading. I don't recall how I got that darn virus, but I know that I was using a free CA Internet Security Suite offered by my ISP online (Road Runner), which turned out to blow and be a system hog. I ended up having to format and re-install XP and everything else, and am still on the process of rebuilding as I speak, so I'll be DARNED if I get stricken down with another crippling virus less than a month later when I was very cautious both times.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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