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This monthly quality rollup update for Windows 7 has failed to download and install twice. Anyone else have any problems with it?
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Re: KB4512506

No problems with my 2 Win 7 systems (set for automatic download of Important updates). Are you getting any error codes with your failed installs?


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Re: KB4512506

No problem here either... installed on 13 August

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Re: KB4512506

No probs installing that KB on my Win 7 PC via Windows Update, but mine is only a 32-bit PC...

That said, there are reports of issues with this KB on PCs running Win 7. This KB requires the prior installation of KB4474419, so check to make sure you have that one installed already.

And MS changed the way its updates are signed for better security, starting in Aug'19.  Norton and Symantec security software are objecting to the new signing requirements. So Microsoft is blocking the updates on machines running Symantec and Norton software until the issue is resolved...

Read details here.


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Re: KB4512506

You have to start with SP1 NON corrupted.

Avast must be removed as it interferes with the updates.

Then download DOTNET 4.72

Download and Install the April 2015 “Servicing Stack” Update


dotnet 4.72 must be offline installed


You must then install microsoft security essentials.

You should not have multiple anti virus software installed.


You must then download and install updates 57 times rebooting 27 times.

I know this is still working because I did it last week.

I always have clients that insist that they do not have problems and malware and corruption.   We send a tech out with blank hard drive and re-install clean on the drive and do all updates and everything works fine.

We then put their corrupted drive back and show them that the issue is not the hardware.   If they refuse to pay for reinstall/service call we terminate their contract.



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Re: KB4512506

Thanks RoHe...I'll check and see if I have KB4494419 installed.
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Re: KB4512506


I am asking you in a nice and respectful way that in the future to NOT post ANYTHING on threads I start. I don't come here very often, and when I do I want good, correct, and reliable answers and information. Thanks in advance for heeding my request.