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Kaspersky Launches Free AV

"Kaspersky has finally launched its free antivirus software after a year-and-a-half of testing it in select regions. While the software was only available in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China and in Nordic countries during its trial run, Kaspersky is releasing it worldwide. The free antivirus doesn't have VPN, Parental Controls and Online Payment Protection its paid counterpart offers, but it has all the essential features you need to protect your PC. It can scan files and emails, protect your PC while you use the web and quarantine malware that infects your system."

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Kaspersky's paid AV has dominated in protection tests of security products by independent organisations for some years now. Now that it offers a free version, it looks like I will have to give it a test run.


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RE: Kaspersky Launches Free AV

I like the part that says this AV won't be "riddled" with advertisements like other free products, Panda being the worst offender I've seen to date.:emotion-42:

I'll probably check it out on my older machine first.

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RE: Kaspersky Launches Free AV


Concerning Panda's advertising, have you tried going to the general settings, and turning off Panda news and Security news?

Also, if you register for a free account, that might limit some of the popups.

Either I've gotten used to them (without realizing it), or I get very few ads.

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RE: Kaspersky Launches Free AV

Kaspersky must be hurting now that the US gom'ment put them on a restricted list because of their ties to the Russian gom'ment. 

Guess they think "free" will attract non-gom'ment users who they can try to convert to paid customers.

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RE: Kaspersky Launches Free AV

Turned them off, hopefully that will take care of it.

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