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MVPS Hosts file no longer maintained

Mike Burgess, who has singlehandedly maintained the MVPS HOSTS file since 1998, has reluctantly "retired", due to an ongoing medical condition and subsequent mishaps.

The file was last updated in March 2021, when Mike announced "Folks ... sorry for the delay (again) in getting out an update ... just got out of the Hospital ... I now have some severe health issues to deal with (complete Kidney failure ... need a Kidney transplant) plus another operation ... large needles inserted into my spine ...however I will try to better maintain the MVPS HOSTS file. Well just got back from Hospital again (excessive water in lungs)"

There was no further information until this past week, when Mike added:  "Health Update ... things go from bad to worse ... slipped and fell in my kitchen and broke my leg (ankle) plates and screws to fix. Several weeks later ... with a walking boot on, I again slipped and fell. While I tried to break my fall ... instead I broke both arms. Imagine that!! A cast on my leg and a cast on both arms ... so as much as I hate to I think it's time to retire from maintaining my Hosts file ..."

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Windows 10 Pro (64-bit), Windows Defender, MBAM4 Pro, Windows Firewall, OpenDNS Family Shield, SpywareBlaster, MVPS HOSTS file, WinPatrol PLUS, SAS (on-demand scanner), uBlock Origin, Microsoft EDGE, Firefox, Pale Moon.

[I believe computer-users who sandbox (Sandboxie) are acting prudently.]

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Very sad news. Wishing Mike all the best, and a hearty thank you for the many years of service maintaining this.

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