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McAfee & adobe reader 9

Hello, I seem to be having trouble with security and my adobe reader! my dell lap top, when I try to access them,say's it cannot open these files, this is driing me crazy! I can't seem to get any help from Dell ,however if I pay them £55 they will sort it out. I have only had the lap top about 6 weeks and i am new to computering. I think they should give beginners all the help they need. If I knew then what I know now I would of purchased my lap top else where.

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Re: McAfee & adobe reader 9


I use a program called Foxit Reader instead of Adobe Reader.  The program is free.  I am using the program in 32, and 64 bit Vista Windows, and Windows XP.

You need to uninstall adobe reader first, then close down your computer.  You restart the computer, and then can download Foxit Reader, and instal it.

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