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New infected file/Bugbatter

I cannot find my old posts on this site to just hit 'reply'.  My Trend found this today.

Infected file

A0113998.dll  (then it said 10 possible _Vundo-9)

C;\System Volume INformation\_restore{B37680B2-BAOA-4E5D-BF30-83E44C588624}\RP1076\

I was able to delete the possible Vundos.

I am getting the error on my bottom toolbar that says I am not connected to the Internet again.

I have not installed Java yet.




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Re: New infected file/Bugbatter

That is to be expected because we have not flushed your System Restore yet. By removing those from System Volume Information your System Restore is now corrupt.  Please continue with the instructions that I posted and remember not to run any additional scans unless advised by your helper. Please continue in your original thread. Thanks.

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