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'Peeping Tom' arrested for webcam blackmail attack spree

I don't usually post all these types of blogs and news stories here because we'd end up with too many of them, but this one reinforces concerns in this WIKI article. Malware Removal forums are full of posts from users whose systems have become infected via P2P.


FBI agents have arrested a man accused of hacking into more than 100 computers, and using personal information stolen from them to extort sexually explicit videos of young women and teenage girls...

It is alleged that Mijangos found his victims by sharing malware on peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing networks disguised as popular songs. Once the victims' computers were infected, the malware would attempt to spread itself further in the form of poisoned instant messages....

Complete article:


(Aside from the P2P issue, I also see lack of responsibility and lack of good judgment in other ways involved in this situation, but we won't discuss that here.)

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