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Phone scams

I received a phone call at home from the Oakland CA area today. It went something like this:
"Sir, I'm from 'Windows' and am calling to report problems with your computer ... " at which point I cut her off, laughed and said I didn't believe her, and hung up. She didn't call back.

Had this call originated in Canada, I would have reported this number to the RCMP fraud squad. Instead I reported it here:
Turns out others had reported this number many times.

Fraudulent phone calls pretending to offer phone support needing access to your system for non-existent problems are hardly news, but I hadn't realized how increasingly common (and often successful) they are:

Just a timely reminder.


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Re: Phone scams

Yes, this is becoming quite a problem.

Let's be blunt:  

Microsoft is NOT monitoring people's computers for viruses [nor other problems].  

DELL is NOT monitoring people's computers for viruses.  

Even your ISP is NOT monitoring your computer for viruses.  

So if you get an UNsolicited call from these --- or just about anyone else --- "advising" you of a problem on your computer which they need to repair... for which they request permission to have "remote access" to your PC, and/or request credit-card (or bank) information so you can pay for their help... IT'S A SCAM!   As Joe did, just hang up on them.


Giving them (remote) access to your machine will allow them:

1) to search through your computer to find any sensitive information (credit card, bank account, and social security numbers; address & phone  --- if you've saved any of these on your PC)... with which they can "steal" your identity and defraud you financially; and/or

2) to infect your machine [with viruses/malware], after which they can "confirm" the problem, and demand a "ransom" to fix it.

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