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Price gouge by Trend Micro Pc-cillin for Dell customers

My new Dell computer came with Trend Micro PC-cilin Internet Security trial ware.  As far as I can tell it is the standard version.  Today a pop up reminded me that my version will expire soon and I must buy the standard version.  When I click on buy now, I get a window that says the cost for the standard version is $69.00 and requires that I pay an additional $7.99 for extended download.

This is a gouge of Dell customers.

Anyone can go the to Trend site and pay $49 for same suite.

I contacted customer service at Trend and was told "The price was a decision of the Marketing department"

This is apparently a special gouge price for Dell Customers.  Agent suggested I buy from regular online site.  Will probably buy a different program because of gouge of Dell customers.
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