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Received call from "Dell Tech Support" which I knew was a scam!

I received a call today from "Samuel Matthews" that claimed to be from Dell Tech Support. As soon as he told me he was from dell and that I was being hacked, I knew it was a scam and I started to record the call! He claimed that they were receiving a "signal" from my Dell computer that showed that it was being hacked! He then asked me if I had a computer with the service tag (He provided me my correct service tag) that I am not going to disclose. I told him that I was an IT Professional and that I knew that NO ONE had gotten into my computer.

I know that some how and some way they must have hacked into Dell's System and retrieved my information! I had filled out the form attached to one of the messages in this forum that Dell ask us to fill out. It is the the right of Dell's customers to know the truth about these scammers getting my information and what they plan on doing to protect us and to assure us that it will not happen again! I am also contacting my *** about this situation! Right now I am extremely upset about this situation!

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RE: Received call from "Dell Tech Support" which I knew was a scam!

Hi Patrickg355,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Protection of your data is a top priority for Dell. Unfortunately, technology phone scams have become prevalent across our industry. We would love for you to take a moment to help us stop cybercriminals by reporting the details about your interaction. Please complete this form. This will allow us to investigate further. Also, please read this Wiki which has more helpful data. Note, Dell would not call you unsolicited. The only time we would contact you would be through the DellConnect software or the Dell Support Center software. But only after you agreed to this within the software.

Thank you,


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RE: Received call from "Dell Tech Support" which I knew was a scam!

Just a note of precaution: If you receive Dell catalogs and/or ads in the mail, make sure you shred the address on them before discarding them. Otherwise, anyone seeing that will know there's a Dell product in the house. (That occurred to me when I took my class on a trip to a local recycling center where there were magazines and ads all over the floor of the area where men were working to prepare them for processing.)

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