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So I'm on a website that has nothing to do with Dell....

And a video starts playing, and when I try to click on the pause or mute button to stop it the button disappears (don't ask me how, they just conveniently vanish) - could that be malware? Because it's incredibly annoying to have it play nonstop... especially since I've never had any intention of purchasing a Dell for some reason. Would love to stop the video without muting and still be able to hear video clips I actually want to listen to. No snide remarks please, just want help from feeling like my browser's being hijacked. Using Firefox 7.0, Internet Explorer 8.0 and AVG Anti-Virus Free Version 2012 (can't upgrade Firefox right now due to software compatibility issues.)

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Summerskyes welcome to DeLL Forum.

Removal of malwares is not done here any more. For help you must go to Spywarehammer where the experts will give you a hand.

Read this first:

and then post here:

Out of curiosity what program plays the video, and what kind of video ?

Good luck.


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