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Spectre/Meltdown BIOS update causing bluescreens. Can I revert?

A month or so ago, I came across the Dell Page for fixes for the Meltdown/Spectre issues.

I figured I would be smart and proactive and applied the appropriate updates to my Precision T1700.  But within a few days of doing that, my PC started blue-screening and rebooting intermittently -- usually every few days.  Usually when I am off at work. 

Now that same page has an update saying

Dell is advising that all customers should not deploy the BIOS update for the Spectre (Variant 2) vulnerability at this time. We are removing the impacted BIOS updates from the web and suspending further BIOS updates for affected platforms. These systems are marked as "Suspended Release" under Firmware Release Details.

If you have already applied the BIOS update, please wait for further information and an updated BIOS release, no other action is recommended at this point. Please continue to check back for updates.

Great.  So much for being proactive.

I've been checking back for a solid month looking for fixes with no luck and no end in sight.  So now I'm wondering, is there a page that would have an update that would let me go back to my previous bios or something?

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