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Studio XPS 8100 = Why won't Dell support Windows 10 for this model?

I just discovered that Dell has decided not to include my Studio XPS 8100 desktop for upgrades to Windows 10!  Why is this?  I have had Dell products for over 25 years and I have kept coming back because of my experience with Dell.  Unfortunately, this latest piece of news has just taken the wind out of my sails!  It appears that my only recourse is to by a new desktop!

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The offer of a free upgrade from Win7/8.x to 10 comes from Microsoft, not DeLL.

Are you saying that DeLL has advised you that something in that system's hardware [software, or drivers] setup in not compatible with Win 10?   That's the only plausible explanation that comes to mind.

EDIT:   I believe some people have done so successfully... and hopefully one of them will reply here.

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If your computer is not on this list it has not been tested for Windows 10:
 If it is not and you wish to proceed with an upgrade to Windows 10 on an untested system, that will involve more work on your part. Microsoft provides information and support for upgrade through their upgrade website. Drivers are not written by the OEM so it is possible that it is the subcomponent OEM that is not supporting 10.
I don't know about Dell, but in some cases at other OEM's testing has continued so that their lists are updated regularly. Therefore, if you would like to wait, keep checking the Dell list for updates.
Good luck.

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Here's one example of a user who upgraded this model to Win 10, but not without issues. So do your homework.


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Hi Marchwind,

I've upgraded my XPS 8100 to Windows 10 with no problems whatsoever. The only thing I left behind was WMC and the only software upgrade needed was Acronis. Other than that, it's been smooth sailing. Of course, I made a complete backup of the entire system drive so that I could quickly return to Windows 7 if needed.

Please let me know if there's anything I can help with.

Hello osprey4. I am using an F / A translator I hope you understand me. Subject: Your intervention in "DELLemc". 05/2016 Studio XPS 8100 = Why does not Dell support Windows 10 for this model? My Studio XPS 8100 PC bought in 07/2011 does not appear in the list of devices tested on the 05/2019 list for a transition from W7 64b to W10. Encouraged by various subscribers who seem to have succeeded I am about to do this action. My question: Do you currently have some advice to give me, especially what you should not do and what needs to be done about it?
Thank you in advance and thank you. Cordially.
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I have upgraded my XPS 8100 to Windows 10 from Windows 7.  The only con I have noticed is that both Edge and Internet Explorer are slower to load my home pages. Chrome works well so I mostly use Chrome. 

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Hello. Annie70. (With translator F / A) I am about to make this transition from w7 64b to w10 on my Studio XPS 8100 of 07/2011 and despite your old intervention (10/2016) Perhaps you could give me, according to your experience on the subject, some advice, especially what not to do and what needs to be done. Thanks in advance. Cordially.
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Not supported does not mean not working.

Dells as old as XPS400 and Optiplex GX620 will work with 10.

You have to use Vista or Windows 7 drivers because there are not 10 drivers and never will be.


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