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Updates 11/25/15 - Flash; CCleaner 5.0

Adobe Flash Player 15 has been updated to

Notes as of this writing:

1) there is no documentation available [yet].  SEE BELOW

2) The download links we usually cite here for direct downloads (with no bundled junk) are still offering the previous build, x.223.   I don't know if there's just a delay in Adobe updating these, or if it represents a change in their philosophy. SEE BELOW

3) If you insist on downloading these updates immediately, they can be obtained from ; however, be advised that going through this site, you will be offered unnecessary bundled software (Google CHROME, Google Toolbar for IE, McAfee Security Scan Plus utility):  be sure to UNcheck these "Optional" Offers [unless you actually want them].

Free Internet Security - WOT Web of Trust       Use OpenDNS       MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

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[I believe computer-users who sandbox (Sandboxie) are acting prudently.]

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I'm thinking of formulating a "Law":

All useful free programs will improve and over-engineer themselves to the point of non-utility.

Joe's Law. Indeed.


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