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Re: Updates - June 17, 2009

   You believe it would be prudent to remove something that works very well although,technically,it is

not supposed to. This is why I do it:  1. Before I  added the Anti-Virus to my Webroot SpySweeper,

McAfee would come up with a little orange message that said "your is not being protected", so you

click on the orange icon and and McAfee pops up with a sign saying "System Guard not working",

click to FIX System Guard so you click FIX and the wole process takes 3 minutes maybe,in the

meantime, my computer in User mode, does not have System Guard enabled.  Well, what is

happening when when it is not enabled?   God only knows. So I now have Webroot Anti-Virus

and Spyware enabled all the time so I do not need to worry so much. As to the speed of my

computer while I have both, I do not CARE. I want to be secure. And it works and I never have

problems with viruses. I do not notice any difference in speed, I am pritected and your

argument is only an argument that seems plausible. But seeing how I have been doing

well for at least a half year, I am the pro at it and other people can follow my lead. I say

this because when I get on any spyware forum with a problem, which has not happened

with this configuration, none of the Experts can solve my problem. They just ask me to do what I have already done

and I end up solving the problem wit the exception of the Geek Forum who are absolutely fantastic.

I do rootkit removals and I own Software restore programs. I understand the "tug of war" scenario

and what I have found is whoever gets there first gets to quarantine it. I also intend to put

another 1GB of memory in my system. But speed is not an issue. I always clean my temporary files

with CCCleaner. If ou were able to give me some insight into Joke/Shake then I would consider

honoring your ability. The only thing I can find is to use CCCleaner to erase it in temporary memory.

None of my Registry cleaners seem to be able to touch or find the file even when directed to it.

    Tell me about Joke/Shake    and how    pdf.php  can lock my whole computer and I have to reboot.

I cannot use Windows Task Manager to Disable   my browser. These are the real mysteries.

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Re: Updates - June 17, 2009

With all due respect, Willprospector, it is you who is having problems with this Joke/Shake problem.

Every reputable expert I know advises against using 2 anti-viruses in real-time, and for solid reasons. You choose to ignore this advice, and wonder why you have problems?

You also mention your "Registry Cleaners" can't remove it. Every expert I trust advises against using registry cleaners. See this for reasons why: Do I need a Registry Cleaner?

This is not a malware removal forum. I suggest you visit one:


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