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Updates - June 24, 2010

This topic is for anyone who would like to discuss a specific update.

Feel free to post daily reminders of updates and version changes for some of the most popular security programs such as: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, Spybot, and others.

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Re: Updates - June 24, 2010

CCleaner 2.33

Full change log:
Added support for Flock 3.0.
Improved database compacting to only run when needed.
Improved Index.dat files cleaning for IE8 to include IECompatCache, IETldCache, PrivacIE folders.
Improved accuracy of cleaning status messages.
Improved localization and language support.
Improved UI text formatting for Cleaner screen.
Fixed Startup Tool double-clicking behavior on Win9x.
Minor improvements to Registry Cleaner on Windows 7.
Added Kurdish translation.


go for the  SLIM  build (no extraneous toolbars)


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