WebCyberCoach 3.2 Dell

Can anyone tell me if this is a true Dell software application and what it's purpose is???  I found this in add/remove software today and do not know whether or not to remove it.  I got the Trojan ISTbar last week, and after running Fix It Utilities, Spy Sweeper they say there are no threats, but I am still getting pop ups (even with Pop Up Blocker on), and some kind of web search assistant whenever I log on to my home page (Verizon).  I am even getting something called Brainfox.com search results page.  Can anyone help me with info and what to do.  Thank you in advance.
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Re: WebCyberCoach 3.2 Dell

a quick web-search indicates that
"WebCyberCoach is an innovative interactive tutorial system that consists of live multimedia interactive tutorials and demonstrations, distributed over the Internet."  
At least one version is distributed by AOL...
but (so far) I haven't found a reference to DELL --- which is not to say that it can't be part of dell.
if you're concerned about popups, and other running applications you're not sure about:
Download the latest version of HJT(hijackthis) (version 1.99.1) from


you must create a separate folder and place it there.... people commonly use C:\HJT.   Note:  Please do *NOT* use a TEMP (temporary) folder, *NOR* your DESKTOP, as HJT will be generating log files and backup files in the folder from which it is run... you risk accidentally losing these if you use a TEMP folder, and you will generate extreme clutter if you use your DESKTOP.

The file above comes as a compressed .ZIP file... you have to UNzip it (hopefully, you have an UNzip utility built into your Windows Explorer.   If for any reason, you're unable to UNzip it, you can download the already-unzipped .EXE file from http://downloads.malwareremoval.com/HijackThis.exe )

After Unzipping, double click on HiJackThis.EXE

Click on  Do a System Scan and Save a LogFile

This will automatically open NotePad

Copy the entire file from NotePad:  EDIT/SelectAll, EDIT/Copy

Then go to the new forum dedicated for HiJack This logs (**NOT** back here), and  PASTE the results there:


Be sure to include a detailed description of any problems/errors/warnings you are encountering.

Hopefully, one of the HJT experts will get to it as quickly as possible.


WARNING:  HiJack This is a VERY POWERFUL tool.  Do *NOT* do anything else (in particular, do NOT use it to delete any entries) until you are advised to do so!!  Improper use of this tool can severely damage your system.
Supplemental note:  The procedure as worded above has been carefully edited over time, so as to expedite the process of helping people.   Nevertheless, it seems that many individuals try to be "creative", and make some variations.  It really would be to your benefit if you follow these directions EXACTLY as stated... because certain changes on your part can result in slowing-down the help process. 
Specifically, the following are 3 very common BAD deviations which will cause delays:
a) BAD:  using an older/outdated version of HiJackThis...
The experts only work with the current version.   So if you make a post with an older version, you'll simply be advised to get the latest version, re-run it, and re-post your log.
b) BADusing a TEMP directory or your DESKTOP for HJT....
Some experts may insist you move HJT before they'll begin working with you.   Others will start the repair process, advising you to move HJT as one of the very first steps.   Failure to do so can result in losing potentially critical information.   So please,  just use the suggested  C:\HJT  directory, rather than try to be creative.
c) BAD:  posting your log in the wrong forum...
if you post your log back here, in the Virus/SpyWare forum, it will "sit idly", either until the forum moderator gets around to move it for you... or until you decide to repost your log...  in the HiJackThis forum.

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Re: WebCyberCoach 3.2 Dell

you have clearly spyware on your computer


you need to download these 2 programsSmiley Saddownload both of themand both are free)





you need to download both of them to have a great protection
in addtion to these 2 programs you can download microsoft antispyware:
use these programs regularly
use also antivirus program and a fire wall too
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Re: WebCyberCoach 3.2 Dell


WebCyberCoach is the software that Dell Support 3.x uses to control your mouse and show you how to fix issues it discovers. Go here to dwonload/reinstall Dell Support 3.1.

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