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antivirus 2010 malware, system locked

I believe my laptop has been infected with the virus "Antivirus 2010" that I have read about here.  I went through the normal process to shut down and the next morning when I opened it up to sign on (my laptop) was still signed on.  It had never shut down.  The only thing I saw was a bubble at the bottom saying that Microsoft or Windows had found an update called Antivirus 2010 Pro and that it was installing it.  I saw an icon on my desktop that said the same thing and clicked on that and every thing went off.  I cannot do any thing now.  Dell comes up ok, then the start up menu to sign on, then my desktop (but just the background screen saver), no icons or start up menu bar or any thing.  I have tried starting in safe mode and the screen just stays black with the safe mode in every corner, but nothing to click on.  I have run a diagnostic test on the hardware and every thing passed.  Do you have any suggestions?  Tracie 

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