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internet explorer history and popups

I have Windows XP Home edition which no longer deletes my internet history. To do this I use Norton Cleansweep which is only partially successful.
Also, even though I have Norton Internet Security I have noticed that I have just started getting quite a few popups. Also sometimes a diffrerent website comes up to the address I typed in.
Do I have to reinstall Windows XP again to cure these problems? If a Windows XP repair the answer do I have to backup all my data first or does the repair not erase data files?
Are there any other ways to solve my problems?
Many thanks to anyone who can help and explain it in SIMPLE terms.
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Re: internet explorer history and popups

Before we do anything can you do a couple things first?
Go to this sight and do an online scan and delete whatever it finds. Be sure to highlight the drives you want to have searched.

After that could you please go to and download AdAwareSE and delete what it finds. Then while using AdAware, click on add-ons and get their plug-in for the VX2 variant, and run that and delete what it finds.
After that go to and download SpyBot and run that and delete what it finds.

Now go to and download HiJackThis to its own folder that you create on your C:/ drive.
After it is downloaded open the program and click on the Scan button.
When that is done, click on Save to log.
Post the log that it generates right here so that it maybe viewed and analyzed for problems.



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