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security program turns off/disables Protexis licensing ?



s have McAfee Total Protection installed on my Dell XPS 410 with Windows XP.  I am using Corels Paint  Shop Pro V2 that has as part of it the Protexis Licensing as an anti-piracy function.  Something keeps turning off/disabling the Protexis file which in turns stops the PSPV2 from running.  Any idea on how to trouble shoot or fix this?  Both Corel and McAfee have the view its the others fault with no help from them.  Appreciate any help

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Re: security program turns off/disables Protexis licensing ?

Does the information here help? http://www.mydigitallife.info/how-to-disable-and-uninstall-protexis-licensing-service-psiservice-exe...

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