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I think that I have some viruses and spyware issues.  I have MacAfee and each
time I run a scan it finds something.  This
just started recently and my computer seems to be running slower.  Today when I started my laptop, I received
the \appdata\roaming\absolute error message that it couldn’t be opened.  I dont know that
is or if that has anything to do with a virus. However, I wanted to get this
issue resolved and get these viruses off my computer.  Can someone assist me on how to remove or
give me some options or direct me somewhere? 
I am somewhat savvy!



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Re: user\appdata\roaming

Hi Melissa.

Unfortunatelly this section of DeLL forums does not do one on one Malware cleanning anymore. You need to register at Spywarehammer.

Need to read this first:



Then you can post your logs here:


Good luck.


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Re: user\appdata\roaming

It is ok, thank you for directing me to the correct location to help me get this fixed!

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Re: user\appdata\roaming

Thank you for posting at SpywareHammer. Please follow the directions given by your helper. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in your topic here: http://spywarehammer.com/simplemachinesforum/index.php?topic=13267.0

Your malware cleanup is being handled at SpywareHammer 

This Dell Community topic is closed. Everyone else who is having a similar issue, please begin a New Post at the top of the forum. Thanks.

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