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Vostro 3670 case side panel stuck midway! Doesn't open or close fully anymore

Made the mistake of sliding to close the side panel of my Dell Vostro 3670, and now it is stuck midway cannot be opened fully or closed fully. Please help!!! Any advice? DellCaseStuckMidway.jpg

Dell design team, this definitely gets a fail in design / engineering - if you are still interested in feedback as I got an email requesting feedback a few months ago.

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Hey there!

Not sure if you still need help or not, but the exact same thing happened to me. I was able to get it off by prying the middle section on one side up with a screwdriver, and then pulling back / lifting up on it. It’s the little bolts I circled in the picture that get stuck and keep the panel from sliding, so if you can lift them both up on one side, you should be able to wedge it off. (Hopefully with minimal damage.)


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