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Vostro 470, use too much space on the hard drive

I've installed new 3TB hard drive windows 10-64 bits on my Vostro 470 but the I've notice that My hard drive has 1.98GB so the computer is using to much hard drive space. Could you please advise me about this issue?





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Re: Vostro 470 use too much space on the hard drive

Legacy MBR partitions are Limited to 2TB.

Bootable GPT partitions are advanced format and REQUIRE 64 bit os and Windows 7 SP1 or higher with intel RST or higher PRE INSTALLED F6 mode.

Segate makes Use DiscWizard Extended Capacity Manager Software .


Seagate Extended Capacity Manager

The Seagate Extended Capacity Manager (ECM) allows your operating system (OS) to support large capacity disks that have the MBR partition style. You are able to use the disk space beyond 2 TB. This free space will be recognized as a separate disk, and will be usable by your operating system and applications as if it were a regular physical hard disk. (ECM User Guide)


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Re: Vostro 470 use too much space on the hard drive

Hello, speedstep Thank you for the information
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