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Audio problem after updating windows 11 (Vostro 3400)

Hello everyone

I got an annoying problem with my audio after I updated windows 11. Currently, I could not go back to windows 10 and I hope you guys can help me fix this problem.

I have installed and reinstalled audio drivers hundred times but it doesn't work at all. Below are the audio drivers that I have downloaded. If there are any more drivers I need to install, please tell me.

audio drivers downloaded.png

In Settings, you guys can see it shows there is no output, and input devices are installed. I don't know the exact reasons why those disappeared :(((

no audio devices are installed.pngrecording part.png







sound part.png

Here is the screenshot of the device manager and it even doesn't show the "sound, video and game controllers'' part. Does anyone meet this situation before? and if yes, can you tell me how to solve it, please?

no sound video game controllers part.png 

Thanks for reading my post. It would be much appreciated if you guys can reply and help me solve this problem. 

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I would try re-installing all the drivers in the Chipset category.

There are also Urgent drivers for all categories that should be installed.


Sadly, it didn't work :(((. I have followed what you said but my audio always in "installed" state.

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i have the same problem with win 10

Dirvers I installed again the drivers but without any solution. It works for 30 minutes and than it stop working with blue screen 







Emily Nguyen,

Following up to see if your issue is resolved after reinstalling Windows on your system?  Let us know.

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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Facing same issue with my Dell Vosto 3400. Did'nt get any fix. Dell tech team instructed down-grade to Windows 10. I received the system with Windows 11. Down-grade of OS is not a fix. 




Run Support Assist / Dell Update and check the issue persist after the restart. If is still persist. I would recommend for OSRI. I had face same issue with my latitude 7450. 


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Had the same issue at work with a brand new laptop. Did a warranty claim and a Dell technician ended up replacing the MB.


Is it possible to solve this problem only by changing a laptop?T^T

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