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Boot from Hard drive connected with Optical Bay!?


I have a Dell Vostro 3546 Laptop, which is now 3 yrs old. 

It was not powering on (4 to 5 months back) and I had it repaired by a local technician though, the power issue was fixed but a new issue took place, the system wasn't (and still) detecting HDD

I checked connecting the HDD with other PC, its working fine and has all the data & partitions, but Laptop is not detecting Hard drive, for sorting it out the Technician had it for 3 weeks, but nothing worked and the condition is still the same.

After all this, when I checked the Laptop, I found that the motherboard was changed (with another same motherboard) - the Technician changed it to fix the issue, the local technician is now suggesting me to try connecting the hard drive with Optical Bay connector, and according to him the system will boot, which does sound logical, as I can change the boot sequence, but I want to make sure if this will work before I disassemble the Laptop.

So, will the system be able to boot from Hard drive connected with Optical bay and the main HDD port (socket) left empty??

Seeking help with details.

Error Code the system had produced after diagnosing:IMG_20190121_160411.jpgHard Drive Error Code


1. If the system can boot with HDD connected with Optical Bay, the Read/Write speeds would differ, but how likely the difference would be.??

2. Do I need to configure BIOS with particular settings for doing so.??

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Re: Boot from Hard drive connected with Optical Bay!?

I would tell him to get another motherboard or you will do a chargeback on the repair. This is unacceptable!
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