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Charging Vostro 7510 via Thunderbolt port?

tl;dr: is USB charging via Thunderbolt port officially supported on Vostro 7510? Does Dell sell a USB-C charger?

I have used the Thunderbolt port many times to charge the laptop (Vostro 7510) while traveling in lieu of the AC port. This allows me to travel a bit lighter. I purchased a high-quality, 4-port, 100-watt USB wall charger (and 100-watt USB-C cable) so I could charge my phone, tablet and laptop as necessary. Because the Vostro uses a 130-watt input, I would sometimes see a "slow charging" warning, but this was not a big deal, maybe it would take 2 hours to charge instead of 1 or whatever.

On my last trip, however, it all went bad. Unfortunately I had to use the computer away from a plug and ran it all down to zero, such that the computer would not turn on at all. I plugged in the USB cord the laptop that night and assumed it was all fine, but the next day I realized it had not charged at all. Then when I tried again to use the Thunderbolt port to charge I could see that the small LED light next to the Thunderbolt was not coming on. I plugged in the same cable into my phone and it charged fine. Only the Vostro was not responding.


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What does the manual for your laptop say about this?


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The only thing the Vostro 7510 manual says is that the computer contains "One Thunderbolt 4 port with DisplayPort 1.4 and PowerDelivery."

Intel's website (https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/gaming/resources/upgrade-gaming-accessories-thunderbolt-4.ht...) says (emphasis mine): A Thunderbolt™ port can do all three. It delivers high-speed data transfer, outputs a video signal, and can deliver power to compatible devices (including charging a lightweight laptop) simultaneously.

Therefore I would expect that charging my laptop via the USB-C Thunderbolt port would be supported. The fact that it went totally dead and would not respond in any fashion (no charging, no lights, no power) to a 100-watt charger, would appear to be a malfunction.

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I know that this thread is old, but FYI, I recently have been trying to make use of Thunderbolt 4 port on my Vostro 15 7510, and I bought a Plugable Thunderbolt 4 5-port hub and have it hooked up now, and I did try to power the Vostro with just the Plugable hub (and the hub's power adapter) plugged in, and the Vostro did show that it was charging (lower right corner of screen), but there was a notification that it was running at a lower performance than High performance, so I am just using the original Vostro power adapter plugged in.

FYI, the Vostro is running Windows 10 Pro.

Hope that helps.


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