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Dell Vostro 5481 + WD15 180W dock issue

Hi there!

So my relationship with this new laptop didn't start well. Here is another problem I experienced.

First I have got the latest BIOS on my Vostro which is 1.3.0 and the latest firmware on WD15 which is the following but it seems also the latest one:


The problem is at a glance that when my laptop is turned off and I connect the WD15 using its USB-C cable the connection is not perfectly established for the first time. It seems that the laptop start to draw some power but I can't turn it on using the external power button on the dock.

In this state, if I turn on the laptop using its power button, I receive the following error message:


Yeah... A dock with 180W adapter can only provide 60W... LOL

But If I am not turning on the laptop using its power button, but instead pull the USB-C connector of the dock and push back in for the second time, the LED inidactor on the USB-C connector is indicating that now the connection is perfectly established and I can turn on the laptop using the external power button on the dock. No error message during boot OFC. I assume it should not work like this. I created a short proof of concept video for this (sorry for my terrible English):

Proof of Concept video on youtube

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Proof of concept video regarding a bug either with the laptop or with the dock.
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