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Laptop hanged and not responding

I have a Dell Vostro 15. I was working on a ppt when it suddenly hanged. It has been 3 hours since and it has still not started. I usually keep my laptop on sleep mode with all the background apps working. The screen has turned a light shade of blue and is not responding to any command other than powering down. When it powersu it displays the bluish screen and does not respond to any command. What do I do??

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Re: Laptop hanged and not responding

Please list exact Dell model number and version of windows; Example: Dell Vostro 15 5590, windows 10 

If you don't know, enter the service tag number onto the link below. After, you should see it in your Dell Product Support page

Support | Dell US



How to find a Dell Service Tag (Official Dell Tech Support):


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Re: Laptop hanged and not responding

In the meantime.....

Run Dell eSPA Preboot diagnostic to check the hardware within the system. You could do this by following the steps below.

1, Power off system.

2. Power on system, quickly start tapping F12 key continuously until you see Preparing One Time Boot Menu on right corner of screen. In Dell Preboot menu, select Diagnostic. Report back any error code.

ePSA Pre-boot System Assessment (Official Dell Tech Support)


If there's no error code.....

Please power off system and then turn it on and off three times, hopefully it will boot into the Advanced Recovery environment on the third attempt. If successful, select Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, and then System Restore.

How to Fix Windows 10 Stuck in Infinite Boot (Official Dell Tech Support)


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