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No Driver of Windows 7 on Dell Vostro 3578

After Installation of Windows 7 on Vostro 3578 . Following Problems occurs 1. Our Smartphone and USB devices don't detect by System 2. We can't use Internet via WiFi or Ethernet 3. We can't download Driver website doesn't give any drivers. 4. Simply we couldn't get driver from website so after installation we must have Windows 10 Copy in bootable DVD/USB otherwise u should have alternative option 5.Initially Atleast Wifi or Ethernet should be work after installation so we can download driver

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Re: No Driver of Windows 7 on Dell Vostro 3578

You can't expect to find win 7 drivers for brand new hardware that didn't exist years ago. Reinstall windows 10.

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Re: No Driver of Windows 7 on Dell Vostro 3578

Microsoft only supports up to Intel Core 6th Generation CPUs on Windows 7, and that system has an 8th Generation CPU. If Microsoft won’t support it, then Dell and other PC vendors can’t support it, which means the device vendors who would need to offer Windows 7 drivers for that hardware won’t bother developing them, which makes it even more impossible for Dell to support. And Windows 7 stops getting security updates in a year anyway, and based on how XP went, browser vendors will stop supporting it shortly afterward, at which point that PC would arguably be unsafe to use on the Internet.

And as Mary G said above, you can’t reasonably expect brand new systems to still offer drivers for an OS that is now a decade old. That is a Windows 10 system from 2018, and Windows 7 came out in 2008. When Windows 8 systems arrived in 2012, were you looking for Windows XP drivers, which came out in 2002? Or when Windows XP systems came out in 2002, were you looking for Windows 3.1 drivers, which came out in 1992? See how unrealistic that sounds?

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